Office Cleaning And Sanitizing Checklist

Office Cleaning And Sanitizing Checklist  

This office cleaning and sanitizing checklist should help you immensely. And if you aren’t interested in cleaning and sanitizing on your own, cleaning services companies are available to help you out.

The cleaning of your New Jersey office is important for its appearance to customers and your employees’ safety and health. When trusting this process to an office cleaning company, you need to make sure they understand the proper processes. Here, we will discuss why it is important for the commercial cleaning company you are hiring to have a sanitizing checklist.   

There are two types of cleaning companies. These are the professional ones and the non-professional ones. Let’s take a look at how to tell the difference. 

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Professional VS Non-Professional

The Plan

A plan made for completing an office cleaning and sanitizing is a road map of the agreement between the cleaning team and its client, and how that information is passed to the workers performing the job. When putting together a cleaning plan for an office, several things need to be taken into consideration, such as: 

The Sanitizing Checklist

A sanitizing checklist needs to be as clear as possible and include all of the cleaning plan elements in great detail. The checklist should be simple for the cleaning staff to use, yet be ultra-detailed to ensure everything in the cleaning plan is covered. 

For different frequencies of office cleaning, different checklists can be made, like daily and weekly checklists. By being broken down by the frequency of sanitizing, the checklists will be less confusing to the cleaning staff. 

Each step of the checklist can be in a list format and show everything that needs to be cleaned. The checklist must be followed in the proper order, as it was set up in this way on purpose.

Each special office cleaner required for every step of the checklist needs to be listed so that no confusion will occur when the cleaning crew is working. Cleaners for different areas should not find their way into another process if not chosen. 

Also included in the sanitizing checklist should be the detailed instructions of how to clean, such as;

Overlooked Areas To Sanitize

There are often overlooked areas when it come to a plan and checklist. It is easy to think of break room tables, sinks, and restrooms to sanitize, but the plan and checklist should also cover the following high touch areas in the office. 

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In Summary

As you can see, many objects need to be sanitized in an office. To think that a cleaning crew can remember all these items in detail is not a good idea. Having all of these items on a checklist forces the cleaning crew to make sure each is sanitized.  

Companies who have created a cleaning plan and checklist for your office cleaning services and sanitizing are the ones you need to do business with. Companies such as Cleaning World, Inc. of Hackensack, NJ is just this type of company and you should contact them or give them a call at your convenience. It means they are professionals who have taken the time to think out what is important to their client and make sure it happens. 

It also means the cleaning staff is used to working under controlled directions and makes sure things are completed in a safe and planned way. This staff is also probably appropriately trained in the many different aspects of cleaning and sanitizing. When considering hiring, choose a professional company as Cleaning World, Inc. to clean and sanitize your New Jersey office. 

We hope this office cleaning and sanitizing checklist has been helpful and wish you the best.

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