NJ Reopening Schedule And Tips

New Jersey’s Reopening!  Here’s What You Should Know

NJ reopening schedule and tips: New Jersey is beginning its slow reopening process as the state continues to see improvements in less new cases of coronavirus.  Over the past month, the Garden State has seen less people being infected and has decided to open businesses slowly in the coming weeks ahead.

With COVID-19 essentially shutting down all business except non-essential businesses in March, New Jersey is excited to get back to business.  And here’s the plan of action for easing restrictions as per Gov. Phil Murphy.

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NJ is beginning to increase limits for the amount of people who are able to spend time and gather outdoors.  This all happens as we continue to see progress in the number of coronavirus cases slowing as efforts at social distancing have had a positive effect.  In addition to this, the Governor of New Jersey has also stated that he is lifting attendance capacity limits on certain types of functions such as the Black Lives Matter protests and religious gatherings.  The Black Lives Matter protests have become a movement for our time following the harrowing death of George Floyd.

In addition to all of this, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy made an announcement regarding the stay at home order he put into action on March 21, 2020.  He is now removing the restriction, another great milestone for New Jersey residents as we progress into Stage 2 of reopening (which will happen on June 15).

New Jersey’s Slow Reopening Plan

Stage 2 of the NJ plan for reopening includes outdoor restaurant dining and retail stores which have not previously been open (due to the fact that they are non-essential).  This will all happen with restrictions, however.  These restrictions might include capacity limits such as seating and dining capacity, all meant to keep NJ residents safe.

Following that huge milestone, we will see hair salons and barber shops open on June 22 the following week.  In addition, other businesses such as gyms, libraries, museums and more will also be given the ability to legally open.

In addition to all of this, outdoor gathering capacity will increase from 25 to 100 people.  On June 22, that limit will be raised to two hundred and fifty people and then to five hundred people in early July.

With all of these wonderful openings, it’s hard not to think positively and get excited.  However, it’s important to still take caution and be careful.  We want to avoid a round two of coronavirus, so you must keep some things in mind.

It’s Important To Stay Safe 

Despite the large amount of progress being made, it’s still important to stay safe and protect yourself and those around you.  Here are some important tips for avoiding another pandemic.

Sanitize And Clean Frequently

With new reopening guidelines set to roll out in New Jersey in the coming weeks, it’s still important to keep yourself and those around you safe.  You can do so by following some suggestions for sanitizing your home and belongings regularly and protecting yourself by other means.

In addition to this, if you are a business you should take protective measures to ensure that you are operating safely.  If every business follows these suggestions we won’t risk having another shutdown.

Here’s what you can do:

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Although we are certainly in a much better place as compared to just a few months ago, it’s important to keep things in perspective and be cautious. Following some of the simple steps as indicated in this post will provide protection for you, your family, and all those you come into contact with.

We hope this post has explained New Jersey’s slow reopening process and we wish you the best of luck.  Stay safe and follow the guidelines we’ve outlined and we know your experience with reopening NJ will be great!

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