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Welcome to Cleaning World’s Park Ridge, NJ location, your trusted partner for comprehensive home cleanouts and heavy-duty cleaning services. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional cleaning solutions tailored to meet your unique needs, leaving your home pristine and organized.

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Cleanouts Park Ridge NJ

At Cleaning World, we recognize that home cleanouts can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re getting ready to relocate, handling an estate, or just tidying up your environment, our experts are available to assist. Our home cleanout services encompass:

Estate Clearances

We provide empathetic and efficient estate cleanout services to support you during difficult times. Our team manages the entire process with care and professionalism, ensuring that your loved one’s belongings are handled respectfully. 

Relocation Cleanouts

Transitioning to a new residence? Allow us to handle the cleaning for you. Our skilled team will ensure your previous home is left immaculate, saving you time and energy during a busy move. 

Hoarding Clearance

Navigating a hoarding situation can feel daunting. Our empathetic team is experienced in assisting with hoarding cleanouts, offering sensitive and non-judgmental support every step of the way. 

Foreclosure Clearances

Confronting a foreclosure? Our team can assist you in swiftly and efficiently clearing out the property. We’ll collaborate with you to return the space to its original condition, enabling you to move forward with confidence. 




We're able to remove and dispose of junk and garbage.

Furniture/Appliance Transport

We can transport and remove furniture and appliances.

Cleaning World hoarder cleanup near me

Thorough Cleaning & Disinfection

We can dispose of garbage and tidy up your cluttered home.

Intensive Cleaning and Clearing Services

In addition to regular home cleanouts, Cleaning World provides robust cleaning services for demanding tasks. Whether it’s stubborn stains, post-construction debris, or neglected areas, our team is equipped with the expertise and tools to tackle it all. Our heavy-duty cleaning services encompass: 

Thorough Cleaning

Our deep cleaning services focus on removing dirt, grime, and bacteria from difficult-to-reach areas, ensuring your home is left fresh and hygienic.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Construction projects often result in a mess of dust and debris. Allow us to take care of the post-construction cleanup, enabling you to fully enjoy your newly renovated space without any inconvenience. 

Biohazard Remediation

Addressing biohazards necessitates specialized training and equipment. Our certified team can safely and effectively manage biohazard cleanup, restoring your property to a clean and safe condition. 

Commercial Cleanouts

From offices to warehouses, we offer thorough cleanout services for commercial properties of any size. Our team will swiftly clear clutter, eliminate debris, and ensure your space is left tidy and organized. 


Steven LoBueSteven LoBue
00:47 21 Sep 22
Cleaning world was quick to come provide an estimate, same day. Scheduled the job but had to postpone to another day but we're very accommodating and professional. Showed up and did a fantastic job!
Evin RamiahEvin Ramiah
10:03 31 Aug 22
Fantastic. I needed post renovation cleaning in my condo. Everything, and I mean everything, had a film of dust on it. The team came in and cleaned my whole place. Not the "just dusted around everything" kind of cleaning. The "picked up every little item and wiped it down. Then placed it back where it went" kind of cleaning. They wiped down all the walls and baseboards. Anywhere that the dust from contruction could end up, they cleaned. I could not be happier. You get what you pay for and I would like readers of this review to please understand: if you want the job done right, the first time, spend the money and call this company to have your place cleaned post construction. I even had them shampoo my carpets, which after 10 years of never shampooing them, looked almost as good as new.
Gigi MorrisGigi Morris
23:57 04 Aug 22
I want to thank Virginia for taking my call and providing me with emergency moving out service. The 1st crew did a good job compared to what the place looked like, but they missed a few things and I called and spoke with Shawn, and he immediately sent another crew that was headed by Marvin. He cleaned the areas that were missed and he went above and beyond the expectations. I want to truly thank Marvin for going above and beyond to satisfy me and the landlord.I will definitely recommend Cleaning World to friends and family and use the services again.Thank you,Gwen
Christian MundoChristian Mundo
17:56 29 Jul 22
I work for CUMAC, a non-profit organization based in Paterson NJ. I contacted this company to inquire about stripping and re-waxing our VCT floor. John V came in within 2 hours of the inquiry to do a quote, and submitted a quote for review within 24 hours. Pricing is very reasonable compared to others that we inquired. On the day of the project, the workers were very friendly, reliable and professional. They Arrived on time, within the time window that they scheduled and got the job done. Workmanship is amazing and will guarantee results. This is a company that you want to work with. Quick, Reliable, Honest and Gets the job done.
Divine GloryDivine Glory
02:54 14 Jun 22
I called to get an estimate, but was asked to send pictures, so I stated I prefer an actual in person inspection to get a more accurate quote. Appointment was made for a few days later, but the day of the appointment Cleaning World called to ask if they can come earlier. Unfortunately I was unavailable for the earlier arrival, but told them I'll keep the original appointment. When it came time for my appointment no one showed up, but I got a call 20-30 later saying "John had an emergency. How many rooms do you want done?(I stated how many). We'll email you a estimate instead" I never heard anything back from this company, no phone call, no email, no nothing. I guess my money wasn't green enough.**Before someone from cleaning world says "we have no record of a customer with this name" obviously my profile name is not my real name & I'm sure I have the right company. Search your sent email using my profile name, and it'll pop up. There's no reason for me to call the office to reschedule

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