Is a Professional Wood Floor Cleaning Worth It?

Is a Professional Wood Floor Cleaning Worth It?

If you’re looking to know whether professional wood floor cleaning is worth it, you’ve found the right post. Hardwood floors are a nice luxury to have in a home. They’ll improve the overall look of one or several rooms. This aesthetic improvement will thus increase the resale value of the overall home. They’re also easier to clean than carpets. But this doesn’t mean they don’t need a good occasional cleaning. A professional company will be best equipped to handle this task. It’s their job to make sure the floor will remain in pristine shape over time when hired.

How Often Should the Floor be Cleaned?

Hardwood floors mimic carpets through how they’ll need a good cleaning at least once a year. This will increase to twice a year if the floor receives enough attention or wear. The presence of kids or pets will even triple or quadruple this need. It’s best to schedule a good cleaning every three to six months. The best idea is to not wait until visible wear and tear exists on the floor. Not every sign of wear and tear can be seen by the naked eye. A good professional cleaning at least once a year will ensure that the floor will remain in great shape.

Professionals Have the Best Cleaning Products

Professionals know what goes into the deep cleaning process for a hardwood floor. They’ll also know which products work best. They’ll have the best products and equipment available when called to provide cleaning. Their products work better than many available for DIY jobs in stores. Some products and equipment they use aren’t even available for the average homeowner to purchase.

For example, professional cleaning companies tend to use specialized and powerful equipment. They have high-speed rotary brushes at their disposal. These will give the wood floors a gentle and powerful cleaning. The process will make sure that the wood floor isn’t damaged while providing a thorough cleaning. The brushes will remove dirt from the surfaces. The cleaning solution will rest deep within the crevices that separate one floor piece from another. Following this process, professional cleaners will use a powerful vacuum on the floor. This will make sure that all the excess cleaning solution is removed from the floor. It’s also the final solution for getting rid of the grime.

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There’s No Fear of Using the Wrong Supplies

Let’s face it here: A homeowner attempting a DIY job won’t always know what they’re doing. It’s possible for them to make mistakes. They might also buy the wrong cleaning solution for the job. They could also use inexpensive coating that may not come off properly. This will result in unintentional damage that will bring down the look of the floor. This will, by extension, diminish the look of the whole room. It’s best to avoid this by hiring a professional cleaning company. They’ll always have the right supplies and equipment for the best cleaning job around.

A Sparkling and Clean Floor

DIY jobs on the floor are nice in theory, but they’re limited in what they can do. Homeowners can often clean the floors themselves. Unless the person involved has ample experience, the results will be subpar. The floors will still look dull, and have visible dirty spots. Worse, they will create streaks that weren’t previously there. This will make parts of the floor look worse after the cleaning.

This won’t be the case with a professional cleaning service. Their special products and equipment will make sure the floor looks pristine. This will ensure that it looks great to visitors, and for future resale value. In general, it’s worth it for the homeowner to feel good about the clean floor in their home.

Further Protecting the Wood Floor

Cleaning the wood floor will evaporate any dirt and grime left on it, seen and unseen. This process will also restore the pH balance. Professional cleaners will subsequently place a maintenance coat on the floor. This will help keep the floor remain clean through preventing dirt from seeping into the crevices. Skipping this process will lead to grime gathering. This will result in the floor becoming more easily damaged. This will protect the floor until the time when it needs another cleaning. The homeowner can also ask professional cleaners to apply a poly coat to the wood floor. This will further protect it against scratches and damage.

Professional Wood Floor Cleaning

More Time for Other Jobs and Activities

The process of keeping wood floors clean shouldn’t be underestimated. It takes a lot of work to do so, which makes it a significant time drain. The floor will need cleaning often. It will require free time that the homeowner may not have. This will be especially difficult if kids, pets, and family members need tending to. It can be overwhelming for the homeowner to handle all of this in addition to household chores. 

This will be of no concern when a professional cleaning company is hired. All of the work will be left to them, giving the homeowner their time back. This will also alleviate the concern of the floor not being clean enough as a result. This is a worry that will be lifted from the homeowner’s figurative shoulders. This will leave the homeowner with more time for other matters. They’ll even be free to pursue other interests and hobbies.

A Healthier Home and Family

Plenty of dirt and grime will gather on the wood floor over time. There are higher chances of this happening with children and pets around. A deep clean from a professional organization will remove all toxins gathered on the floor. It will leave the overall home in a healthier state. It will help prevent several asthmatic issues. This will also cut down on allergies generated by dust and pollen. The sanitary result of the clean floor will also benefit smaller members of the family. Babies who crawl around and pets that walk around will have a more breathable atmosphere. 

Cleaning Is Cheaper Than Repairing

The homeowner may overlook and miss issues that a professional won’t miss. Dirt, grime, and dust gathered on the floor will wear it down. This will leave the floor more vulnerable to cracks and chips. In the worst-case scenario, this will require expensive maintenance. Professional cleaners will ensure that any dirt and debris that will damage the floor will be removed. They have the chemicals and equipment on tap to ensure the floor will maintain its shape for a longer time.

Professionals Will See Damage Faster

The hardwood floor in any home will see inevitable abuse over time. Professional cleaners are much better than homeowners at spotting potential issues with the floor. They’ll make sure to fix any issues and make sure the floor is clean before its condition worsens. This will save money, time, and concern for the homeowner in the future. Having regular professional inspections and cleanings is essential to the floor’s longevity. This will add several years, if not decades, to the floor’s lifeline.

Save Money Overall

The homeowner attempting to clean the hardwood floor won’t always know how to approach it. They can do more harm than good in this process. These floors need special care. If the homeowner doesn’t use the right cleaning solution and equipment, they might damage it. This will require repairs, with the refinishing job costing up to $10,000. The better idea here is to hire a professional cleaning company. The professional will always know what they’re doing, and will have equipment for this task. Hiring one will have a large up-front cost, but it’s a better alternative to doing it the hard way. Consider how much higher the cost will be if something goes very wrong with a DIY job.

Protecting the Floor Between Professional Cleanings

The homeowner can perform minor tasks to maintain the floor’s shape between professional cleanings. Sweeping and vacuuming the floor regularly will help. Floor cleaners to make sure that dirt won’t penetrate the floor will also work. But the homeowner should make sure not to use certain solutions and equipment. Wax, oil, and harsh industrial cleaners shouldn’t be used. Spills should also be cleaned up immediately. They also shouldn’t do anything that might scratch the floor. This includes tasks like moving furniture and wearing sharp heels. The homeowner should also make sure the humidity in the room isn’t too high. This will prevent the floor from warping, shrinking, or cracking.

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Is a Professional Wood Floor Cleaning Worth It?

Cleaning the floor is far easier and simpler for the homeowner when a professional is hired. They have access to the best cleaning products and equipment. They also know how to help the floor maintain its pristine shape. This will leave the homeowner with more time to take care of other tasks. It will also make the home healthier. This process will help the homeowner save money in the long run through accident prevention. It’s best when the professional is called once or twice a year. But the need for them will increase with pets and kids around. This is why a professional wood floor cleaning is worth it.

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