How Often Should Grout Be Sealed

How frequently should I seal my grout?

In this article we will talk about how often should grout be sealed.  This is an important question we hear very frequently as professional NJ cleaning company as Cleaning World, Inc. that services hundreds of residential and business clients.   And guess what?  The answer isn’t that simple!

However, in this post we will discuss everything you need to know about how frequently you should seal grout and why you might want to be sure to stay on top of it.

Some Information On Your Tiles And Grout

Grout needs to be sealed for a number or reasons that are all very important. Grout sealer is used during tile installation process as a preventative measure that protects water from getting into grout and within the tiles.

As you probably know, grout connects the spaces between your tiles.  It’s most often made with sand which is known as sanded grout.  Sand is a great substance that does the job of filling spaces in between the tiles efficiently.  In addition to this, sand-based grout is inexpensive because it’s main ingredient (sand) is very inexpensive and easy to mass produce.

While grout doesn’t secure tile to the wall or surface it is adhered to, it is a porous substance which does an excellent job of absorbing moisture and water.  By putting sealer on grout you are preventing liquids from absorbing the grout and getting beneath your tiles.

Why You Need Grout Sealer

Grout sealer is important for a number of reasons.  However, if you use an epoxy based grout, using a grout sealer will not be necessary.  Epoxy grouts are made from an epoxy resin which will repel water and moisture on their own.

One of the more well-known brands of epoxy grout that you could consider if you don’t want to deal with sealing grout is SpectraLOCK. However, the mixing and application process with this epoxy based grout is a little more difficult.  In addition, the product itself is a little pricey too.

Sealing or resealing grout is important because it protects your tiles and surfaces from mold and mildew.

Here are a few of the reasons you need to seal (and reseal) grout:

If you’re not sure whether or not tile needs to be sealed, you can simply try this easy test which will alert you if you have any problems.

TEST TO DO ON TILE SURFACES: pour a drop of water on tile and grout surface that you feel might need to be resealed.  If the water is repelled from the grout your grout is still properly sealed and fine.  However, if the water is immediately absorbed into the tile, it is time to reseal the grout and call experts in tile cleaning and resealing to help you out.

How Often Should Tiles Be Sealed And Resealed

During the tile installation process, your tiles will be sealed if they are made with a sand based grout.  However, your tiles will need to be resealed after installation so it’s important to assess when this needs to be done.

Generally speaking, tile surfaces such as flooring, counter tops, kitchen backsplash and bathroom surfaces should be resealed annually.  If the area in question is a high traffic area that gets a lot of use, it can be sealed more frequently (such as every 6 months.). Additionally, if your tiles are in an area that doesn’t see much traffic (such as a guest bathroom) sealing your tiles less frequently is acceptable.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what the right thing to do is.  When you buy a home you don’t know when tiles were sealed last or the things that were done to maintain their appearance and longevity.  However, if you seal tiles every year you will certainly be in good standing. It never hurts to seal tiles a little more frequently to protect your home from harmful contaminants.

Can I Reseal Tiles Myself?

Many people ask us if it’s ok to reseal tiles by themselves.  While we know you are completely capable of doing so, sometimes it is not the best choice.  As a rule of thumb, you should consider resealing tiles if you are in good physical condition to do manual labor and if the space you are resealing is small.

Generally speaking, resealing tiles is a very tedious process.  While it’s easy to apply, it’s also easy to skip over areas because it’s annoying to do.  The problem is that this is something you will want to do correctly.  So if you don’t mind hiring someone, we certainly recommend that you hire a professional service.

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Don’t Forget To Seal Your Tiles

Don’t fall into a pattern of not caring for your home properly.  Many homeowners can easily say that they want to put off sealing tiles for a year or so to save a few bucks.  However, this is a very bad idea.  If mold and mildew attack tiles and grout, you will be in for a much bigger problem.

Many commercial cleaning companies offer tile and grout cleaning as one of their services.  Get in touch with a good one such as Cleaning World, Inc. of New Jersey.  They will certainly guide you through the process of properly caring for tiles and grout.

Call A Professional Service

Many commercial cleaners and home cleaning services offer tile and grout cleaning and resealing.  If you contact them and explain your situation, they can better direct you to doing what is best for your tiles, your grout and your home.

Cleaning World Inc. is a New Jersey based professional cleaner that offers a list of comprehensive services for your home or business.  You can give them a call for an estimate on tile and grout cleaning and refinishing if you live in the area.

Don’t Neglect Your Tiles – Seal Them!

Make a point of it to reseal tiles on an annual basis.  Doing so will help you maintain your home and keep it in the best position as is possible.  We hope we have answered all of your questions on grout sealing frequency and how often should grout be sealed and wish you the best!

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