Declutter Your Home And Stop Hoarding

10 Tips to De-clutter Your Home This Summer and Stop Hoarding

Declutter your home and stop hoarding: If you’re looking for some easy tips to declutter your home and stop hoarding, this post will teach you everything.  Here’s you’ll learn some actionable things to do to declutter, clean and organize and get your home.  You’ll be ready for barbecues and endless entertaining in no time!

Clutter is any item in or around your home that does not add value to you or your life in general. De-cluttering is the process of getting rid of these items. So, this summer, no matter how much junk you may have lying around your home, de-cluttering will make your home look and feel better than it used to be. Clutter also tends to cause anxiety issues as it builds up a feeling of lack of control. So, doing away with the clutter in your home is not only great for your physical health but also your mental health as well.

Clutter Can Affect Your Mental Health And Wellbeing

According to Psychology Today, people feel that their life is out of control when they are overwhelmed by too many things. This means that the clutter that you are currently facing is a really good indicator that you might not be doing so well yourself.

De-cluttering your home gives you a feeling of relief and accomplishment.  It also frees up some more space in your home that you never knew was there all along. It is a great idea to declutter right before you move into a new home, as it will help you to avoid clogging your new space with unnecessary items.

Nonetheless, de-cluttering does not need to feel cumbersome.  Simply follow the tips below and you are good to go!

Pro Tip: Make sure to check out the article on cleanouts for helpful tips and techniques to keep your space organized and clutter-free.

10 Easy Tips To Declutter And Stop Hoarding Junk! 

TIP 1: Take it slowly

De-cluttering is a major task, so it would be more effective if you take it a step at a time. Gradually build your momentum by dedicating about 5-10 minutes to it daily, then slowly increase your pace as far as your strength can take you.

TIP 2: Give an item away each day

If you have too many items, you can attempt to do away with 365 items every single year from your home. Then if you are feeling up to it, you can increase it to 2 items daily. This way, you would have given away 730 items that you do not need any more.  It only gets easier as you do it more often.  This is a great way to begin the process of any heavy duty cleaning project. 

TIP 3: Write a de-cluttering checklist

It gets easier to de-clutter if you have a pictorial representation of where you need to get started. Create a list, and then take practical steps to work on your list each day. 

TIP 4: Give out the clothes that you never get to use

Donate the clothes you no longer wear to charity along with the ones you hardly wear, you will be surprised at how much space these items could take up in your home. 

TIP 5: Fill a whole trash bag

Fill a whole trash bag with things you give away or donate to a Goodwill store. This size of the trash bag could serve as a month threshold for you to measure your de-cluttering progress.

TIP 6: Do this simple little challenge

Get 12 items to do away with, 12 to give away for charitable purposes, and 12 items to be returned to their proper location. This challenge will make the whole process a lot more fun for you, and also make you accountable.

TIP 7: Take progress photos of a small area

Select your home in parts, like your bedroom closet, take the picture of the small area.  Clear off the items that you see in the picture, then take an “after” picture.  Immediately you see how lovely that space looks after just a little effort, it will inspire you to begin the de-cluttering of other parts of your home.  This is a great way to reinforce your junk removal project and stay motivated.

TIP 8: Conduct an objective viewing of your home as a first-time visitor

Enter your home whilst taking on the persona of a first-time visitor, then make a detailed note of your first impression on the level of cleanliness and order that you observe. This will give you an idea of the impression your home gives to anyone coming into your home for the very first time and also help you to make the required changes. 

TIP 9: Secure assistance from a friend

Get a family member or a friend to assist you by looking through your home and making helpful suggestions on what items to do away with, give away and keep. If you have a reason for wanting to keep an item, you can have your friend validate your reason before it is fully justified. If you think your reason is valid, your view may be biased, and you may have to get rid of that item.

In addition to this, you might want help from a professional service.  A company that specializes in house cleaning services and junk removal will certainly have a lot to offer.  

TIP 10: Apply the Four-Box Logic

Label four boxes with the following: give away, trash, re-locate or keep.  Do a tour of each room in your home and ensure that you place an item into one of the boxes. Do not get sentimental when doing this exercise by leaving out some items. This process could take days, weeks or months; however,  it will allow you to become fully aware of how many items you own and also help you to decide on exactly how to utilize each of them.

In Summary

De-cluttering your home is quite beneficial because you will have fewer items to clean and organize. You will be able to avoid undue stress, making you a happier person with a cleaner home.

Hiring a professional cleaning service such as Cleaning World Inc. is a great first step to resolving clutter and hoarding issues.  The thought is that if you start fresh with a clean slate and a new set of behaviors, you will be able to make some huge strides in your hoarding problem and avoid future clutter mishaps!

We hope this article has been informative and we hope you learned some great information.  You should now know 10 tips to declutter your home and stop hoarding and we wish you the best!

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