Cleaning Your Restaurant After COVID-19

How To Clean Your Restaurant After COVID-19

If you were wondering about tips for cleaning your restaurant after COVID-19, this post will tell you everything. Here you’ll learn some tips and hacks for keeping your restaurant fully sanitized.

Clean restaurants are a must for most patrons. Eating out in New Jersey is supposed to be a pleasant experience. If you wanted to cook and eat your own food, you would have planned to stay home. Instead, you decided to eat out, which for most of us, must include good service, tasty food, and a clean environment. All would say eating food in a clean restaurant is the most important of the requirements. But you can only really meet CDC standards with professional cleaning services.

With Covid-19 making the scene in the US, having a classically clean restaurant isn’t enough. The virus has thrown most of the population into changing the way we think of what is clean. No longer is it the soiled table cloth or a food smudge on a wall that bother us, but an unseen disease that can be lurking anywhere. Restaurants must give customers assurances their restaurants are not only clean but completely disinfected from viruses. Let’s look at how a restaurant should tackle this challenge and keep customers returning without fear. 

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9 Tips For Restaurant Sanitizing

1. Follow Guidelines: By following city, state, and CDC guidelines, you will instill confidence in your restaurant. However, not only this, as you also limit the spread of the virus by following the rules. In other words, the best way to make sure the virus doesn’t spread is to contain it by following recommendations and hiring commercial cleaning services. Have customers follow mask rules and social distancing whenever possible. Also, provide hand sanitizer to keep your employees and customer’s hands clean of the virus. By doing these things, if someone is contagious, you will limit the spread and have one less area exposed area to clean. 

2. Clean During the Shift: Cleanse and wipe high traffic surfaces like the backs of chairs, door handles, handrails, and tables as often as needed. You can hire commercial cleaners to help with this too. This is not far from routine restaurant cleaning, but ensuring the public areas mentioned are clean are essential. Don’t forget those extra items such as menus, touch screens, light switches, table condiments, etc. Either remove them from the table or make sure each is wiped clean with disinfectant after each table turn. 

Restrooms should be cleaned twice as often as before most commercial cleaners will tell you. Customers may feel more at ease, sneezing, or coughing in a restroom when others are not present. This is why restrooms could be a popular place for viruses to live. 

3. Don’t Forget the Staff Areas: Keeping the kitchen and other areas clean is essential, but don’t forget to keep your employee hangout areas disinfected. It only takes one person with the virus to transmit to someone else. Employee break rooms, smoking areas, dressing rooms, and other hangouts are just as important as the public areas. Another good idea is to limit the number of employees in these areas to reduce the risk of spread within a room. 

4. Use EPA-registered Disinfectants: Not all cleaners work the same. The government has recommended certain disinfectants for cleaning that work well in killing viruses, including Covid-19. This is not the time to save money by buying and using a cheaper cleaner that does not kill the virus on contact. In the end, if one or several people catch the coronavirus from your establishment, you will wish you had purchased the proper cleaning solutions. If you have any doubt, contact your local government or a professional cleaning company about what cleaners work. 

5. Clean Delivery Bags: If your restaurant delivers, make sure anything that travels outside of the restaurant is disinfected before it returns inside. A good idea is to have a station set up outside to store and clean all insulation bags and coolers before food and drinks are placed back in them. 

6. Create a Checklist: You should not count on your employees to remember each item to clean and when to do it. Create a checklist of everything that needs to be disinfected, and the frequency needed to be cleaned. You can also hire reputable commercial cleaning services near you. This will allow everything that is required to be disinfected, completed, and in the proper order. It also makes sure that items are not forgotten between employees and shift changes. 

7. Keep Cleaned Dishes Away: After plates, cups, and utensils have been cleaned with hot soapy water, they are disinfected. Keep them that way by not having these items out in the open where viruses can fall upon them. Find a way to store dishes and utensils in a sealed environment as much as possible. 

8. Provide Employees with the Correct Tools: Just as with using the proper cleaning solutions, you need to provide your employees with tools that will keep them safe and make cleaning effective. Here are a few must-haves for your employees:

These items will help maintain a clean restaurant and help reduce your employees’ risk of catching the virus from their job.  In addition, hiring professional commercial cleaners is highly recommended too.

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9. Hire Professionals: At this time, it is not enough assurance to customers that you clean your restaurant. Wiping down tables and cleaning dishes are one thing but giving your customers peace of mind is even better. Hire a company for after-hours to disinfect your restaurant for viruses and let your patrons know how much you care. This will assure them that your restaurant is one that takes their health seriously. 


Cleaning crews who specialize in disinfecting can be very affordable. If you do not want to hire a company every night, think of hiring one for at least once a week. Professional disinfectant teams will come into your restaurant and make sure every square inch is spotless of dirt, grime, and viruses. These companies train their employees in the best industry practices when it comes to viruses and keep up with the latest information and ways to improve the cleanliness of your restaurant. Best yet, each morning at opening time, you can share the cleaning certification with your employees that these professional companies provide, to make your customers feel at ease. 

We hope these tips for cleaning your restaurant after COVID-19 have helped and wish you the best.

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