Can Pressure Washing Damage Windows?

Can Pressure Washing Damage Windows?

Can pressure washing damage windows? This post will tell you more about it. 

Tips for cleaning and keeping your windows safe while pressure washing

As the leaves begin to fall and winter is around the corner, most homeowners are beginning to clean and tidy up the outside of their homes. Some homeowners hire professional Cleaning World, Inc services. Over the summer bugs and pollen have made their way onto the house. Most homeowners begin to bring out their pressure washers to clean siding and windows to remove the mess. Pressure washing is a great way to clean the high and hard to reach areas. Not only is it convenient and a time saver, but it is environmentally friendly. The problem though is power washing the safest way to clean and protect windows and window seals? You’d hate to break a window just before winter or damage a seal that leads to a leak in your home.

Pressure washing may seem as simple as attaching a water hose, adding soap, and spraying but it’s not. Pressure washing requires time, trial and error, and can leave you sore a couple of days after. Below are some helpful tips on how to correctly prepare and clean windows with a pressure washer. After reading this article, it might be helpful to check out YouTube videos of pressure washing to protect windows and other surfaces of your home. You may consider hiring a power washing professional to help you.

Pro Tip: Start by dusting the sills and frames, then use a mild cleaner for streak-free windows. Read to get more!

Assess the Windows

Before you start pressure washing your window, you want to check the window for damage. Things to look for are broken glass, cracked glass, old or missing caulk, and damaged window seals. Broken or cracked glass will need to be repaired before using the pressure washer or more damage will occur to the window. Old caulk that is damaged or missing will need to be replaced and set until dried, if not a potential leak could enter the home. Damaged window seals are easy to be identified by the condensation that builds up inside the window. We understand the disruption and danger of dragging out a ladder and then dealing with dirt, grime, drips, and streaks. That’s why we specialize in window cleaning services for your residential or commercial property in NJ.

A great way to assess for potential leaks is to spray your water hose on the window before the pressure washer. This will keep the leak to a minimum, if there is one, and give you peace of mind before starting the pressure washer.

Prepare the Windows

Before getting your pressure washer out, start preparing the windows. For optimal cleaning and protection of screens, remove the screens from the windows. Check and make sure windows are closed, you’d hate to have all of that water spray into a bedroom or living room. As mentioned before, to make sure the window is tightly sealed, use the water hose to assess for potential leaks while pressure washing. While you have the water hose out, spray down areas underneath windows to protect plants and soil from harmful chemicals in the pressure washing soap. Check out 

Check Pressure Washer Settings

Pressure washers come with multiple settings nowadays that can adjust pressure in PSI and adjust spray width. These settings are the difference between a clean window or a broken window. The settings for your PSI should be around 1,200 to 2,000 but to be safe, stay on the low end. If your pressure washer doesn’t have an adjustment for PSI, you can adjust the spray width on the nozzle. Adjusting the spray width to a wider setting spreads the pressure out on a bigger area, while adjusting the spray to a smaller setting focuses the all the pressure to a smaller area. Spray width should be above 20 degrees when spraying windows or other delicate surfaces. 

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Use Soap

If your windows are caked with dirt, water may not be the solution. Pressure and water can remove dirt but sometimes you may need a little more help. Remember, adding more pressure will remove the dirt but it may break and damage the surface you are cleaning. To avoid broken or damaged windows from increased pressure, use a soap solution to break down the dirt.  There are multiple soaps that you can use for pressure washers. Before adding or using soap to your pressure washer, rinse and clean out the tank to avoid mixing dangerous chemicals together. If you don’t want to use soap, you can also vinegar as a safe alternative. 

Pro Tip: Read about Cleanouts! You may get proper guidance.

Apply the Soap

Before you start cleaning the windows with the pressure washer, test out the pressure washer on a solid surface. This will allow you to test out the pressure and adjust just in case the pressure is too strong. This could be the difference in a clean window and a damaged window. 

After successfully testing the pressure washer, you can begin setting up by the windows. Even though you have a lower pressure or wider angle, you will still need to stand at least 10 feet from the window at an angle. Being at an angle will help the soap and water efficiently remove dirt than if you were standing in front of the window. Only walk closer to the window if the pressure is not strong enough. 

Rinse It Off

After applying soap to the windows, you will need to wash it off with water. Before starting the pressure washer back up, check and empty the soap section. To make sure all the dirt and soap come off of the window, turn the nozzle to a higher pressure or stand closer to the window to apply enough pressure. Remember, keep the pressure above 20 degrees and stand back far enough or you may risk breaking the window. Once you have rinsed off the window, check the caulk to see if it is damaged and window panes and seals for condensation. 

Call the Pro’s

Hopefully this article gave you the tips for you to be successful while pressure washing windows. It can be nerve racking to pressure wash windows but for peace of mind and to save time, reach out to the professional’s. Sure, it will cost you money but it’s better than having to spend money on replacing damaged windows. For more information or to see our reviews from previous customers check out our pressure washing website. Cleaning World, Inc is one of the trusted cleaning services in New Jersey including cleaning services Essex County and cleaning services in Union County.

We hope this article “Can pressure washing damage windows?” have helped and wish you all the best.

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