Things You Can Pressure Wash This Winter

What You Can Power Wash This Winter

Things you can pressure wash this winter: No matter how new or what material your New Jersey home or business is made of, over time, mold, environmental gunk, and plain old dust and dirt will eventually take its toll on their looks. One of the best ways to keep these areas clean is to have them pressure washed by a professional company. 

Warm weather is always a perfect time to pressure wash but do not let winter deter you. Although winter weather creates challenges, there are many places and items that can be pressure washed during cold weather. Here, we will discuss ten things that you can pressure wash this winter. 

10 Things To Pressure Wash During The Winter

1. Parking Garages: If you own a parking garage with hundreds of cars parking in it each day, you know that stains from oil leaks can be common. By the time spring or summer rolls around, your parking garage will be unsightly to the public and also a slip hazard risk for customers. Since parking garages are covered, there will be no issue with pressure washing inside of them in the winter. 

2. Warehouse Floors: Warehouse floor cleaning can be done during the winter. It’s especially important to clean floors that have forklifts operating on them because they can become covered in gunk. Winter is a good time to pressure wash warehouse floors as they are protected from the elements and warm enough not to freeze. By keeping warehouse floors pressure washed, you will be providing a much safer work environment for your employees. 

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3. Your Home Garage Floor: Each winter, streets are sprayed with salt and anti-ice agents. These inevitably stick to your cars and trucks and make their way into your garage. It is best to remove these from your garage floor as some of them can be caustic over time. Salt can eat away into any floor paint or epoxies you have sealed your concrete floor with. Keeping them cleaned in the winter will help keep them lasting for years longer. 

4. Graffiti: Regardless of the season, the best time to remove graffiti is immediate. If businesses allow graffiti to stay for too long, more will follow. Keeping graffiti pressure washed off of buildings, brick, concrete walls, and other objects will deter further mischief. Waiting until spring can also make it much harder to clean the graffiti off later, as paint tends to be harder to remove the longer you wait. 

5. Covered Drive Throughs: Any business with a covered drive-through is a good choice for winter pressure washing. Again cars passing through will have oil and other fluid leaks that can stain the concrete. These are ideal places to pressure wash since any coverings help keep snow and ice from accumulating underneath. Keeping drive-throughs clean year-round will make for a much more attractive business that will not turn off customers. 

6. Delivery Trucks, Buses, Etc.: Just as garages can be covered in salt and de-icing agents, so will any delivery trucks you have on the road. Keeping them pressure washed and allowing them to dry inside of a building can help them last longer. Keeping the undercarriages of trucks and buses washed down also helps the resale value of them. Areas such as the Northeast with its cold winters are notorious in vehicle resale markets for having vehicles with rusted chassis from salt exposure. Keep your fleet clean by hiring a professional commercial cleaning company to pressure wash. 

7. Concrete Driveways: As long as the concrete is pressure washed above 35 degrees and the water has dried before any freezing temperatures arrive, there will be no freezing problems. Even in cold climates, there are moderate temperatures on certain days in the winter. If you have a need for a driveway or patio to be pressure washed, coordinate with a professional company with a weather forecast in mind. 

8. Industrial Facilities: Most industrial facilities are either warmed from heating or from manufacturing equipment. There is no reason you cannot have your facility pressure washed in the winter. As many industrial facilities will have grease buildup that needs to be removed, pressure washing is the best choice, no matter what time of year. 

9. Restaurants: Eating establishments need deep cleaning by restaurant cleaning services at least twice a year. Normal mopping and scrubbing will only do so much. A pressure washer can get deep into corners and hard to reach spots to remove grease buildup and to help sterilize large areas. Grease traps can become completely gunked up over time and require the cleaning power of a pressure washer. If you own a restaurant, think of hiring a professional pressure washing company to keep your business in top condition. 

10. Roofs and Gutters: As fall ends and winter sets in, we find the leaves of all non-evergreen trees have completed their shedding. Of course, not all of those leaves end up on the ground to be picked up or mulched. Our home gutters will take much of the brunt of falling leaves. Not cleaning out gutters can lead to damage to the gutters and foundation issues if they become plugged. Make sure to have your roof and especially gutters pressure washed to remove any leaves and twigs that can cause a stoppage of melting snow or rain from draining properly. 

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Hire a Professional

There are many regular Joes with pressure washers who will pressure wash for cash during winter months. Remember that your home or business needs to be protected from any damage. That means hiring a professional who is trained to do the job right. You will also need someone who has insurance in case something goes wrong. Professional cleaning companies use trained professionals and make sure they use the latest technology and tools for the job. 

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As you see, there are many items in your home or business that can be pressure washed during the winter months. Due to road conditions, many driveways, garages, and vehicles have a toll on them with chemicals and salt designed to remove or keep ice off the roadway. Keeping your properties clean by pressure washing in the winter is not only acceptable in many conditions but is necessary.

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