Professional & Reliable Supermarket/Retail Specialists

We do everything from 7x per week auto scrubbing and propane buffing of your floors
to cleaning of your carpets with our Aerotech Hot Water Truck Mount System.
This is the most powerful truck mount system in the world and we are the only company in NJ to have it.

Restaurant Kitchen/

Department Cleaning


State of the Art Floor Care

Shining floors in every aisle are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Cleaning World sweeps, scrubs, and buffs vinyl and VCT, pressure washes ceramic tile and grout, and seals and waxes concrete so your floors look spotless and provide safe walking surfaces. If carpet cleaning is on your list of tasks, stress no more. Our powerful truck-mounted machines give your carpets a deep clean while removing the most stubborn ground-in dirt.

Exterior Cleaning
We know how important those first impressions are. That’s why we strive to leave your store or space clean; not just on the inside, but on the outside as well. We’ll wash your windows and power wash sidewalks and exteriors so first impression will be lasting excellent impressions for every customer that walks through your doors.



Windows and Glass
There’s something about the sun shining through sparkling clean windows that creates a bright and cheerful environment. That’s why we provide exceptional window cleaning services that leave both interior and exterior glass surfaces shining and streak-free. But we don’t stop there—we remove grime from window wells and ledges so the complete window is remarkably clean, not just the glass!



Keeping your restrooms sparkling clean and free from germs and odors can be difficult. The team at Cleaning World will thoroughly clean, sanitize, and disinfect your restrooms so you have a healthy environment for your staff and customers.








Contact Cleaning World of Hackensack, NJ, at (201) 487-1313 to schedule your supermarket or retail cleaning services today!

If you have the need to meet health codes in the
— deli
— bakery
— produce
— butcher shop
— dining area
— storage rooms

Our team’s attention will help you meet or exceed this goal.
We know that the success of your supermarket relies heavily on the cleanliness of the food prep area.
Our expert cleaning crew has you covered!

Cleaning World serves all of NJ, with expert, full-service cleaning and maintenance services for restaurants, supermarkets and other retail spaces. We don’t just clean the inside—we clean inside and out. Because we’re a full-service cleaning contractor with over a decade of experience in commercial cleaning, we take great pride in our outstanding customer service, the expertise of our highly trained teams, our state-of-the-art equipment, and, most importantly, the superior services and results we provide every day to every customer, satisfaction guaranteed. By calling on the services of Cleaning World, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your building will be expertly cleaned with services such as:


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