new year's resolutions for a clean home

10 Easy New Year’s Resolutions To Keep Your Home Clean

We all make those promises to ourselves “this year I’m going to lose weight” or “This year I’m going to try something new”. Many times we fail at these because the overall goal can be too much for us to accomplish. Instead, try breaking your New Year’s Resolutions down into smaller easier goals. 

For this list we are going to break down a big resolution many people have: Keeping your home clean, down into 10 smaller and  easier steps. By the end of our list you’ll have done everything needed to accomplish your resolution. 

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#1 Start By Getting Rid of All That Garbage

The easy thing you can start doing to keep your home clean is to get rid of any garbage lying around. Not just what’s in your trash can, actively make an effort to throw anything that is refuse away so that you don’t have loads of wrappers and containers and empty boxes lying around cluttering up your home. 

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#2 Make a Point to Declutter The Spaces You Use

One way to fix up your home and keep it clean is to purposely set out to declutter and clean up your most used areas in your home. If you take it one room at a time and clean the room you’re using, you’ll have your home clean and tidy in no time. By approaching it this way you won’t feel overwhelmed by the task of cleaning your home

#3 Create a Space and Set Aside Items For Donation

Another great solution to clean your home is to create a box or boxes and periodically set aside items you no longer need to be donated to charity. Not only is this a great way to gradually declutter, you’ll actually feel good about doing it. Feeling good about cleaning and getting rid of clutter is a great way to relieve the stress of trying to keep that New Year’s Resolution.

#4 When You Bring Something In Take Something Out 

One of the key things to remember is that clutter is easy to build back up. If you apply this simple rule to your life you’ll find you won’t have to worry about clutter returning once you’ve cleaned. Each time you buy a new item or bring home something new, find something you can get rid of in its place. That way everything in your home stays nice and even. 

#5 Tidy Up Any New Messes Before You Leave a Room

It’s easy to forget about cleaning when you get involved in something else. One way to stay on top of the cleaning is to remind yourself every time you leave a room to clean up whatever mess you just made. Making a habit out of cleaning up new messes will prevent them from building up and prevent you from being overwhelmed when you return to that room of your home. This is one New Year’s Resolution you’ll be happy to keep in the long run. 

#6 Spend a Few Minutes Tidying Up Between Other Tasks

Most of us lead busy lives and finding time to tidy up can feel impossible. One easy solution is to train yourself to tidy up in between other things that you are doing. Tidying up this way breaks clutter down into smaller digestible chunks that makes it easy to clean over time. If you practice this everyday, soon it will become routine and all of your clutter and mess will disappear. 

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#7 Find a Place For New Things When You Bring Them In

Just like with the one in and one out resolution, finding a good place to put any new items will limit the mess in your home. It’s often easy to bring in something new and leave it lying around once you’ve used it. However, this is one of the main ways that clutter builds up. By putting away items immediately it never has a chance to sit around and eventually become part of the mess. Take the mess out of your life by never letting it form to begin with. 

#8 Organize and Put Away Clothes After You Wash Them

One of the easiest ways for messes to form is to let clothes pile up. Letting clean clothes sit in the basket or pile up on the bed is the way to a quickly cluttered room. If you practice putting your clothes away everyday you’ll never have clothes left lying around your house and even better you’ll always be able to find that favorite shirt or pair of pants you were looking for. No more digging for clothes at the last minute and no more messy room. 

#9 Declutter Desks, Countertops, and Other Surfaces 

It’s easy to let things pile up on the kitchen counter or on the desk in our office and that quickly becomes one of the major sources of a messy house. You can keep these spaces clean by simply decluttering as you go. When you go to use your office, remove the previous day’s clutter and start fresh each day. This way the amount of time you spend cleaning will decrease and messes won’t pile up. Find convenient places for things you know you’ll use and move other less useful items out of the way of more important ones. 

#10 Don’t Buy More Than You’ll Need or More Than You’ll Use

The best way to prevent that mess from even starting is to only keep on hand the things you actually need. We often buy in bulk to save money or because something looks like a good deal, but do we really need that much? If you only buy what you actually need or what you’ll actually use, you’ll never have things left over to become trash or items that sit around, gather dust, and become part of the mess you have to clean. 

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There you have it. Our list of 10 Easy New Year’s Resolutions To Keep Your Home Clean. These mini resolutions will make the task of keeping your home clean much simpler and easier.