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Have a's what you need to do.24 Hour Emergency Disaster Cleanup

  1. Fix the leak
  2. Call Cleaning World
  3. Keep all CHILDREN UNDER 6, ELDERLY & ANYONE WITH HEALTH PROBLEMS AWAY FROM THE AREA!!!!! You don't want to know about how much harmful bacteria is in that water. #1 hazard related to water loss is slip & falls...BE CAREFUL!!!!
  4. We will fix all of the problems when we arrive
  5. Relax & have a cup of coffee 

What's the #1 reason for floods????....Broken hoses on the washing machine
WE do a whole lot more than just remove water....WE PREVENT MOLD GROWTH THAT COMES WITH WATER

Mold is a living organism that needs 3 things to live, 1. A food source 2. Oxygen 3. Moisture. You can remove only 1 of those 3 things that will kill it, moisture. We will apply a chemical that will kill it & then put the appropriate number of air movers & dehumidifiers to bring the moisture in the air to a normal standard. 

Always remember that any mold or musty smells are associated with moisture being present somewhere....As certified water removel experts, we can remove that moisture!!!!

24 hour flood removal

On site within 1 hour!!!!

Sewerage backups, broken hot water heaters & pipes.

We carry a full line of Driez dehumidifiers & air scrubbers to dry out your house or building

Experts in preventing mold & bacteria growth during & after your water removel process.....

Guaranteed Results or You Don't Pay!


  • No voice mail... ALWAYS GET A LIVE PERSON
  • Customer service is 24 hours per day
  • 2 Million dollar insurance protection
  • Guaranteed quick response time....Cleaning World is there when you need us
  • Great references....We are already in your neighborhood
  • A plan for a GUARANTEED smooth transition
  • WELL TRAINED TEAMS....We are obsessive about our training & continued education
  • Open invitation to stop by our office & meet the incredible Cleaning World team
  • We are very proud of our 87% employee retention rate compare that with an industry average of 56%.....This means that the person who starts cleaning your account tomorrow will probably be there cleaning in 5 years!!!
  • Member of the following:
    1. Building Service Contractors Association
    2. International Window Cleaners Association
    3. Power Washers of North America
    4. Ethical Services---Adhere to the highest of standards
IWCA  BSCAI  Ethical Services
Cleaning World Inc. 209 Holt St., Hackensack, NJ 07601 Phone: 201-487-1313
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