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Deck MaintenanceCleaning World professionals are among the leaders in the wood restoration & pressure washing industries. With so many "Low Ball Contractors" out there undercutting prices & causing credibility issues for our profession, clients are left wondering why there are such differences in pricing. The answer to this is that there are folks out there that buy a pressure washer, hook it up & blast away. This is NEVER the correct practice when restoring wood. A true PROFESSIONAL will have a lot of knowledge & education of the best practices & products to be used to complete the project with the LEAST amount of pressure. There are too many "So Called Contractors" out there blasting away at clients valued property that just shouldn't be. Also, Customers are often left with damaged property, inferior results, or contractors who disappear.

In regards to Wood Restoration, there are contractors out there that will use Chlorine Bleach to " Restore" the wood. A hint that you are dealing with an unqualified contractor is if they say they will be using Chlorine Bleach to " Restore" the wood. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Western Red Cedar Lumber association have both denounced the use of Chlorine based bleach and ANY type of wood. Chlorine breaks down the lignin which is the glue-like substance that holds wood together. Many so called " Professionals" blast away at wood with a water pressure that exceeds 2500 PSI, while the correct water pressure to use is LESS than 1000 PSI. In order to save time, money, and materials many contractors apply stains and sealers by spraying them on all surfaces. While this method achieves all three goals, it fails to provide the same quality finish and protection that our brush application provides. Cleaning World INC Professionals brush all surfaces in order to penetrate, protect, and provide your wood with a much richer, long lasting finish. We also use highest rated stain and sealer on the market. Why would and Deck Cleaning and Sealinghomeowner who spent their hard earned money on a deck, wood siding, fence, or other wood structure, have one of these contractors damage and destroy the wood?


The same can be said for other products as well, so it wise to be careful whom you hire. There is always someone who will perform the work for less but you usually end up paying for it in the long run. What we at Cleaning World Inc are trying to tell you is that your property is our reputation and we take that responsibility very serious. We want to build relationships with our customers that are long lasting. It all starts with informing you of the importance of choosing the right Professional. We look forward to building a great working relationship with you in the future.


Deck cleaning our 10-step program:

  1. Pre-wet all surrounding areas, bushes, wood, grass, house, etc.
  2. Put tarps on all exposed plants, furniture, hot tub, brick or pavers, etc
  3. Apply cleaner to the deck & let stand for 20-30 minutes
  4. Low pressure rinse off all cleaners from deck
  5. Rinse again
  6. Rinse again
  7. Apply Wood Brightener to all wood
  8. Come back 2-3 days later & check moisture content with a moisture meter. Moisture content must be below 15%.
  9. If moisture levels are acceptable, apply sealer or stain in this order, outside rails, inside rails, deck floor & then stairs & back brush.
  10. We always apply 2 coats...they get applied wet on wet, no drying in between


Guaranteed Results or You Don't Pay!


  • No voice mail... ALWAYS GET A LIVE PERSON
  • Customer service is 24 hours per day
  • 2 Million dollar insurance protection
  • Guaranteed quick response time....Cleaning World is there when you need us
  • Great references....We are already in your neighborhood
  • A plan for a GUARANTEED smooth transition
  • WELL TRAINED TEAMS....We are obsessive about our training & continued education
  • Open invitation to stop by our office & meet the incredible Cleaning World team
  • We are very proud of our 87% employee retention rate compare that with an industry average of 56%.....This means that the person who starts cleaning your account tomorrow will probably be there cleaning in 5 years!!!
  • Member of the following:
    1. Building Service Contractors Association
    2. International Window Cleaners Association
    3. Power Washers of North America
    4. Ethical Services---Adhere to the highest of standards
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